For the last few days riots have broken out in Turkey as people are battling with the current ruling government.

BBC news “Police fired tear gas to try to disperse people and some protesters threw rocks. Police also fired water cannon and tear gas in Taksim Square as demonstrators chanted “unite against fascism” and “government resign”.

Correspondents say the park issue has helped highlight unhappiness among young people towards the government and AK Party over what they see as creeping Islamisation. Many postings on Twitter have complained angrily about the lack of media coverage of the protests within Turkey. The US has expressed concern over Turkey’s handling of the protests and Amnesty International condemned the police’s tactics. source: BBC News Europe.

I first heard of this news from @mustafaseven. Mustafa is an amazing photographer and was one of the first IG accounts I started following. I sincerely doubt @mustafaseven has any idea who I am or of our #jj community but, one of his fellow countrymen @therncr is a #jj member and just asked me to bring this situation to our #jj communities attention.

Why did I post this image and comment? YES, it is important that peoples words be heard and images seen by the world when governments oppress people, however, this is also one of the many contributing factors to my previous post for all of the photographer’s at the Chicago Sun Times being let go. (I am not justifying the decision or saying it was right.) However, media happens so fast and people are capturing events the moment it happens and posting it for all the world to see. I am sitting the comfort of my own living-room and @therncr from Turkey shoots this image and asked me to post it and bring this situation to our #jj communities attention and the world.

I do not claim to know any more specific details about the situation and realize I am a photographer, NOT a reporter, however, the world of instant communication, journalism and freedom of speech has forever changed do to social media. Image by @therncr.

Be safe @therncr and @mustafaseven. Your pictures are being seen and your words are being read. @kevinkuster. Photo by @therncr.