Can’t sleep again tonight. Man is it hot! Let me correct that…it’s hot, wet and sticky! It ain’t no dry heat, it’s a wet heat and that ain’t no good for sleepin. I’ma sweatin big time! All the time!

In this set of images you see me teaching my friend “Michael Jordan” how to blow bubbles.

It took him sometime but he finally go the hang of it. The girl, who I call “Mona Lisa” took to it right away. She too has a smile that actually lights up a room. However, every time she smiles she covers he mouth with her hands.

Tomorrow, it is my goal to get her to let me take a picture of her gorgeous smile. Oh wait, I mean today since I am already up.

Thanks mom and dad for all your great message of support.

If anyone posts a comment to “Michael Jordan” or “Mona Lisa” I will read it to both of them. I am sure they will love it.