Before in left for Ilin I spent $30 at a small party store buying candy, small toys, and blowing bubbles. None of the children had ever seen bubbles before. They were AMAZED. Who needs X-box or Playstation!

To see the children’s faces light up when I handed them these smallest of items is such a blessing.

It’s always so difficult to see the sad face when you don’t have enough for all of them.

I now have a small band of 15 to 120 boys following me and constantly yelling my name…”Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.”

Later in the day when I was laying down in my room, three of them stuck their heads through my windows and began saying “Mr. Kevin, Mr. Kevin, Mr. Kevin.”

I can tell it is much harder on me to say “I don’t have anymore” then it is for them to hear it.

Hopefully tomorrow we will begin handing out the first of the 1000 solar lamps. 35,00 families with 5-16 children in a family and we only have 1000 lamps. So much still needs to be done.