And the winner of the #kevin_gets_facelift challenge is @kellyripper!

I can honestly say, I really struggled picking a winner. There are SO, SO, SO many phenomenal images I could not really say one is the best. So, to help with this huge dilemma I went back to what I specifically wrote before this challenge took off! Here is what it said:

“Use your best editing and typography skills and help me with a new mission statement and profile photo.”

To me this image by @kellyripper best represents the original request while maintaining the character of the old picture, yet this edit elevates the image to a new level. It’s subtle yet very powerful and when I use it people will remember the original image as well. Clean, new and fresh!

Nice job @kellyripper. You won the $100 iTunes gift card. Please give Kelly a ton of paise.

But, that’s not all, I have a few more announcements and winners!

Argh, someone is knocking on my door again! Sorry hold on…