After reviewing a few images from my brief instameet with @sweatengine and @sittingingodspalm I started to think about their current journey into the unknown.

Although they barely knew each other weeks ago they decided to jump in a car together, drive around American and experience life with all it’s blessing and challenges. #roundaboutusa. This common experience and journey will forever bond these two men together for the rest of their days.

Although not as dangerous and life threatening, this bond reminded me of how men that served in the armed forces share a common bond that seems to grow stronger with the passage of time.

To honor Joe and Kevin’s time together, I decided to edit this image to represent the amazing cinematography work by Janusz Kaminski. Janusz’s singular look and feel established in the movie Saving Private Ryan was later used as the template for the mini series Band of Brothers.

Keep going my IG Brothers and remember the time you spend together will only grow more fond the smaller it becomes in your rearview mirror. (at The birth place of a friendship)