This is an image by my friend Hamlet @bws_hamlet_lpf. I met Hamlet through IG and have share some good coffee talks, images and time together. Hamlet is currently fighting cancer and the insurance industry.

Since Hamlet choose dedicate his life to teaching children photography and art in lower income areas he doesn’t have insurance and is in a battle for his life.

Please consider giving up one thing for the next seven days and donate all of those funds to help him win his fight with cancer.

Give up anything, coffee, lunches, driving and take public transportation, anything. Every little bit helps.

Even if you can’t give a lot, give something because even the smallest amount provides the greatest medicine…HOPE!

You can read and see more about him, his life, his family and his images in the link in my profile above.

Direct link to fundrasing is:

Image by @bws_hamlet_lpf. Reedit by @kevinkuster.