The other night I was awakened by the sound of a sudden CRACK, POP, RRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPP.

I looked around, was unable to discover the source and went back to bed. When my iPhone alarm didn’t go off my investigation let me to discover the source of the sound durning the night!

I have never heard of an over-heating and exploding battery but, that is exactly what happened.

Goodbye back-up 3Gs iPhone. You introduced me to mobile photography. Yes, your picture quality was crap and not enough storage space but, you were kinda like my first kiss. Although awkward and not entirely romantic we all have to take our first step into the unknown.

Thanks for the memories 3Gs and my you enjoy your new cyber life on the other side.

A quiet trumpet slowly plays “TAPS” in the background and the picture fades to black.