ALTexpo from Kevin Kuster on Vimeo.

Great behind the scenes look at our great collaboration with Atl Hotels and the #jj community. Really proud of this project and the great final collaborate mural turned out! Thank you everyone that contributed.

His perspective VS my perspective.

Had to get my portrait shot for a huge up coming #JJ project.

I can honestly say I am better behind the camera then in front of it. Thanks @say_cheez for you time and talents.

So here are a few special award winners!

After I started my #kevin_gets_face lift challenge our own #jj member @concorexhappiness2x contacted me and said her own company Concore Woodwork would donate four frames if I added more winners.

The following four people have won frames for the following categories.

Top left
Most “Wild Kevin” goes to @miiimot.

Top middle
Most “KISSable Kevin” goes to @shellibean1162.

Top right
Most “Old school Kevin” goes to @butterfly109.

Bottom left
Most “Sexy Kevin” goes to @cindyfpierce.

And I am donating a $20 iTunes gift card for “Funniest” Kevin” to @godyar.

You can see the frames you won online at etsy.com.

Winners need to email all of your contact info to claim your prize. kevin@tagitjj.com.

Thanks to everyone that submitted images!

I have a few thoughts to say about the #kevin_gets_face lift challenge.

One, if I ever had any ego it is all gone!! Two, you are some incredibly talented people.

Win $100 iTunes gift card donated @jj_texttypographical in the #kevin_gets_facelift challenge.

Final edits do July 3rd.

You can see complete rules in the original post earlier in the feed. Download the Hi Res image in the link in the bio above.

Here are a few images to get your creative juices going. In no particular order.

Top row: @kellyripper, @shellibean1162, @marieluise815.

Middle row: @relzie, @franknocode, @torunnb_ud.

Bottom row: @robertstevens, @tompicmaker, @sjw3125.

As an added #jj learning bonus (if you like) , please write how you created you edit and tag @jj_tutorials so we can all learn. This step is not mandatory to be eligible to win.

Keep submitting and thanks for helping in the #kevin_gets_facelift challenge.

“The long draw.”

This is an image I shot of a homeless man Peter and wanted to submit this for a funny and great new #jj anarchy feed I just love and saw today @jj_beardgang. So many creative #jj anarchy feeds.

Can’t wait till I see @joshjohnson so I can take a proper portrait of him and submitted. He had quite the big beard last time I saw him.

Did anyone create a #jj_bald or #jj_shavedheads that I can submit too? If not I am starting one. Who’s with me? @ivanvega, @614scottsmith, @jpcaruso, @vaderbreath, @jasonmpeterson. And yes Jason you are close enough to join the club

For the last few days riots have broken out in Turkey as people are battling with the current ruling government.

BBC news “Police fired tear gas to try to disperse people and some protesters threw rocks. Police also fired water cannon and tear gas in Taksim Square as demonstrators chanted “unite against fascism” and “government resign”.

Correspondents say the park issue has helped highlight unhappiness among young people towards the government and AK Party over what they see as creeping Islamisation. Many postings on Twitter have complained angrily about the lack of media coverage of the protests within Turkey. The US has expressed concern over Turkey’s handling of the protests and Amnesty International condemned the police’s tactics. source: BBC News Europe.

I first heard of this news from @mustafaseven. Mustafa is an amazing photographer and was one of the first IG accounts I started following. I sincerely doubt @mustafaseven has any idea who I am or of our #jj community but, one of his fellow countrymen @therncr is a #jj member and just asked me to bring this situation to our #jj communities attention.

Why did I post this image and comment? YES, it is important that peoples words be heard and images seen by the world when governments oppress people, however, this is also one of the many contributing factors to my previous post for all of the photographer’s at the Chicago Sun Times being let go. (I am not justifying the decision or saying it was right.) However, media happens so fast and people are capturing events the moment it happens and posting it for all the world to see. I am sitting the comfort of my own living-room and @therncr from Turkey shoots this image and asked me to post it and bring this situation to our #jj communities attention and the world.

I do not claim to know any more specific details about the situation and realize I am a photographer, NOT a reporter, however, the world of instant communication, journalism and freedom of speech has forever changed do to social media. Image by @therncr.

Be safe @therncr and @mustafaseven. Your pictures are being seen and your words are being read. @kevinkuster. Photo by @therncr.

It was a little over one year ago when I purchased a iPhone 4s and started shooting mobile images after being inspired by a @koci video.

Since that time I have found a passion for photography that had all but died. Because of this new passion, I was hired as the Chief Editor for the best and largest photo community 305,000 members on instagram, #JJ community @joshjohnson.

Traveled to Brazil to speak at a mobile photography conference @planetagram. Write for Joanne Carter @theappwhisper. Was interviewed by @kwiki for @wearejuxt and @lcrabbe for @dprconnect. Shot a 40 couple wedding on Ilian island for @watts_of_love. Have a mobile photography book deal. Sold more personal photo of my work then anytime in my life and most importantly have met some fabulous photographers and wonderful friends!

Who knew what a profound effect this little mobile camera phone would have on my life.

9000 thank you’s to everyone that has helped me and followed me on this amazing journey.

Can’t wait to see what another year brings.

Well it’s official I have been “fired” and @Watts_of_love and I hired two people that submitted through Instagram and the #jj community.

How amazing is that! I posted something on Sunday night and now there are two people traveling to the Philippines to help some of the poorest people in the world, distribute 1000 solar lights and capture the entire story to help promote this incredible need.

The person shooting video is @kcboyd1. I have hired thousands of people over my career 20 year career and although Kaitlynn is just getting her career going, I can honestly say she is going to be a power-house in the industry. This girl MOVED MOUNTAINS to get on this project and convinced us she was the person we had to select.

What she might lack in experience she more then makes up for it in desire, determination, passion and a complete “can do” attitude!

Please follow @watts_of_love and @kcboyd1 to see her posts as she travels to the Philippines and Ilian Island. Your comments will truly be needed to help her and the crew.

Next up…our new @watts_of_love photographer!

I am SO proud of this 911collage that I highlighted at @joshjohnson feed, I just really felt the need to share it with my followers and promote this great piece as much as possible. “Today’s color scheme, in honor of the 911 tragedy, is “Red, White, or Blue”. Tag your submissions #jj and #jj_forum_0389. I must say that this collage is the most impressive collages I have ever seen. Although we always put the focus on our great photographers, I really feel I must start out by highlighting the editor that created this 911 memorial collage. Amazing job @jj_editor_lizpe! Liz is our southern neighbor living in Mexico and has done so much for our #jj community. Thank you for creating this collage for our community. (If you have never created a collage, you have no idea how difficult it is to create such a piece.) This collage would not have been possible had it not been for all of the following photographers.
Blue images:
FIRST ROW: @heytbeth @chmill @raqzr
SECOND ROW: @jessepf @miejon @sciencehill_360
THIRD ROW: @tengvall @kristinenor @sannalinn
First Red & White images Top row:
FIRST ROW: @chishuimandy @danisalvadori @juliegeb
SECOND ROW: @a_minimalist_in_bw @joanneshuck @josenicolas
THIRD ROW: @juliegeb @miamism @thegoodly
Second Red & White images one below top set listed above:
FIRST ROW: @thegoodly @makers_mike @themox
SECOND ROW: @dawnbrizee @jenlawright @moosedominic
THIRD ROW: @chishuimandy @kinisiri @thegoodly
Bottom left Red & White images:
FIRST ROW: @juliegeb @kamoon @moscacojo
SECOND ROW: @tcfloyd @themox @themox
THIRD ROW: @natattack3000 @projectface @sannalinn
Bottom second panel left Red & White images:
FIRST ROW: @hearteheart @sandrairgendwoimnirgendwo @tcfloyd
SECOND ROW: @gelo_honorica @hirobotanuko @jessepf
THIRD ROW: @arvidsamland @azysko @goldenhorizons
Bottom third panel left Red & White images:
FIRST ROW: @kiffsmiff @themox @leeheida
SECOND ROW: @aprendizdeamelie @coop105 @fattyfish
THIRD ROW: @robholland1908 @robholland1908 @tengvall
Thanks you too all how contributed to this amazing image. This piece of art truly honors our country and those who lost our lives.”
(Taken with Instagram)

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