Sometimes you don’t realize what you miss until you encounter it again.

This was the overwhelming feeling I recently experienced as I danced with my old Pentax 645 this afternoon.

The moment I was reacquainted with my past co-worker a flood of memories envelop my finger tips and heart.

Although I am not one to pine about the “good old days” of photography, I will admit I really miss the sound of the click of the shutter and the turning on the gears on a medium format camera.

Somewhere in a old former darkroom with the smell of photo fixer still clinging in the air, I hope someone is working on a app that recreates the sounds of classic old cameras gears that have been silenced.

Clickkkkkkk, snnnnaaapppp, spinnnnnaaaaaa, clickkkkk.

It would be the best .99 app I could buy!