Part 2. (The face of photography professionalism.)

As I approached bus I suddenly saw the drivers face and slowly my brain began to compute that I actually knew the driver!

Smiling back at me was one of my old photo assistant from Playboy. It was the infamous David Goodman!

In the world of photo assistances, David was at the top of the list. He was a rare and great bread of assistant. Unlike most photo assistance, David had no interest in being a photographer. He was a full-time professional assistant and he worked only for the best and famous photographers. I do not put myself in that category.

What David saw and learned over his 30 + year is truly amazing. If I was a dean of the largest most prestigious photography college, I would have David teach a class on photography 101 and what it means to a professional.

It’s been years since I had seen David and only wish I had more 5 seconds to capture a more appropriate portrait of him.

Thanks David for teaching me so much about photography and setting the standard of photo professionalism!