It is now now 6:43am. Been up since 3:30am to begin getting off Ilian Island in complete darkness.

Yesterday was the group wedding day. 38 couples got married and I shot everyone. Started shooting at 7:00am with brides and grooms preparing, ceremony, after wedding pictures, then printed images for everyone! Did not stop till 8:00 at night. Thank you to all who donated.

This morning we began our trek home. Waking 200 yards in knee high water out to a skiff boat, to finally board a Bangka boat. Thanks God I had a small pen light in my camera bag that had battery life.

Currently, riding the Banka boat to Manila. With the sun finally up my view is amazing.

This image is a picture of Brother brother Darius Amansec light up laces on his shoes. His sister found them in Japan so Brother could watch his step at night and not get hurt.

Thank slow camera app!