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I once heard the phrase “worships is when we allow the interruption of our internal preoccupation with ourselves.”
Let’s face it, if we are all being really honest, a large time of our mental thought is spent on ourselves. We constantly have thoughts like… “How will this situation affect me?” Or…”How does that disruption change what I wanted to do?” Or… “Will I regret not saying or doing something?” These types of sentence go on and in our minds like a skipping record playing the same song over and over again. Sometimes the record is played very softly and sometimes the lyrics can be deafening.
My friend Tom uses the funny phrase… “l am not much but, I am all I think about.” This why I love photography, and good storytelling so much. I see both of these actions as a form of worship for me. The act of capturing images and telling others stories allows me to completely get out of my head and I can completely focus on others. I am only tool that is used to tell someone else’s story. .
For me the act transcends the action when it has a higher purpose. Simply stated… when I focus on others, my purpose in life becomes more clear and this clarity puts me in a place of worship. #philippines2018