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Last year my fraternity brother, friend and mentor tragically had his son. Harrison left way too soon and left so many questions that will never be answered. It was and continues to be a process of healing for his Dad family and all that were in Harrison’s life. Through all of our talks, tears and prayers I have ALWAYS believed “something new” would be birthed from this unexplainable loss.

On this current trip I have the great honor of traveling with Colleen Malany. Colleen also suddenly and tragically lost her son Kyle Braid in 1994. From everything I have learned about Kyle he was a complete stud. Great athlete, good student and a leader. Just like Harrison.

After Colleen lost Kyle she started a non-profit leadership organization for high school students. The program is dedicated to assist and train students in leadership positions to help guide and assist high school students that might be “suffering or feeling lost.” I believe we can all agree high school can be a time of great struggle for many.

Last year three graduates from the J. Klye Braid organization traveled with us, Blake Butler Colleen Lyons, and Jamie Terrell. This year we have graduates Ernie Yanez , Liam Crowley Miller and Blake again.

Last year Blake, Jamie and Colleen made a short video thanking Colleen for all she had done for them and the program. After seeing the video Colleen immediately told Blake she was traveling with him and Watts of Love to distribute lights next year. Colleen made good on her promise and is here with us in the Philippines now.

As I watch Colleen with Blake, Ernie and Liam I can see her sense of pride and joy. I can also see that each time she is near them she is in the presence of her son Kyle again. It’s been very moving on so many levels for me to observer.

As I was preparing for my day and listening to the song Here Now Beyond The Empty Tomb Just Beyond the City Wall, I overwhelmed with the thought of Kyle, Colleen, Harrison and my friend Seth.

Today I made a quick donation in honor of J. Kyle Braid and Harrison Rupp and asked Colleen to deliver this light to the person she selected. The moment she saw this mans she said…(continue in first comment)