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Today we delivered 165 solar lights to three different Mangyans villages. Several of the recipients including this women, walked a great distance to reach our @wattsoflove distribution center. Many of the recipients made the long journey in the baking sun, barefoot and several women were carrying babies.

Mangyans, means “true”, “pure” or “genuine,” a term that they use to stress the fact that they are strict in the sense of ancestral preservation of tradition and practices.

I have come to understand that to capture an authentic portrait, you need to learn how to let go of any sense of judgement or preconceptions you might have when you are interacting with that person. You need to remain open, present, neutral, none judge mental and most importantly, collaborative yet in controll.

As I studied this women’s eyes, I couldn’t help and think “does she know how hard her life is or is that just my preconceived perception of her life?” She was hauntingly beautiful, frail, strong, exposed, yet some how in complete controll.

It gives me great joy to think that her hut is currently being illuminated by her new @wattsoflove light tonight.