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A horrific rainstorm had just completed delivering it’s furry and additional difficulties for the villagers or Khalte VDC in the Dhading.

Although we had another large @wattsoflove light distribution scheduled, it was delayed because of the torrential storm. Once the black and rain-laden storm clouds passed our camp, the light recipients eagerly returned.

I decided to forgo capturing the large light distribution and adventure out. I have found that often getting out on my own and “seeing what happens” tends to create my most memorable moments both personally and photographically.

Not 15 minutes into my mud caked ridge-line walk, I saw this mother carrying her baby amongst several destroyed and vacant homes. The juxtaposition of her beautiful pink dress, yellow scarf and new born baby surrounded by the destruction and rubble was jarring. I also couldn’t help and notice her bruised eye and scape on her cheek. I knew she was a perfect recipient for one of the headlamps I was carrying in my backpack for my return trec back to camp.

With one additional backup headlamp still in my backpack for the walk home and this photo now residing in my camera, I continued my journey. Little did I know that the most meaningful moment of my entire Nepal trip was just about roll into my life…