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Katmandu traffic is crazy! There are no stop lights, no stop signs and the roads are always packed with cars, taxi’s, trucks, motorcycles and cows. I seriously have no clue how there aren’t more accidents.

The cool thing about the traffic is that it kinda just flows like water and always finds the path of least resistance. The bad news, I was informed that if you hit and kill a cow you could be sentenced to prison for life. Can anyone confirm this statement? If that fact is true, that’s utterly scary. Pun intended.

Was traveling and shooting  with a new Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active on my entire Nepal trip. I must admit, I am really loving the camera for stills and video! Still getting used to the operating system but i can see some cool features.

Want to thank @AT&T for sending me one. Plus, I really want to thank the AT&T staff in my hometown for teaching me about the phone before I left. This not a paid endoresement. Just wanting to give props where props are deserved. @samsungmobile #galaxy5s #galaxy5sactive, #at&t