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Although I had been to community garage dumps before in Manila and Kenya with @wattsoflove, it always assaults my understanding of humanity and sincerely destroys my heart. It’s truly an indescribable experience.

A single photo or a few words can NOT capture the horror of the place that these families are forced to call home.

No human-being should be forced to live and provide for their family off another humans trash!

The heat the smells, the garbage, the mud, the human waste, and the overwhelming assault on all of your senses makes it almost too much to take. It’s so hard to process and not everyone can handle the situation.

On the day we went to the garbage dumps, we partnered with an amazing organization called Project Hope.

Their is no other way to describe these people other than angles filled with mercy, compassion and love. They possess an ability to love that is beyond measure. I thank God their are people like them in this world!

As soon as we entered the dumps our still driving van was overrun with children. They grabbed ANYTHING they could to travel with us. Although I was so concerned about them all getting hurt while riding on the van, their laughter, and cheers gave me the ability to see hope even in one of the darkest places in the world.