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I have learned to trust that when things are going wrong they are actually are going right.

The man in this photo is named Jose. He is 67 years old. Jose was severely crippled while working in the fields. Before his stroke, Jose worked two jobs (farming and fishing). Today when I woke up I was exhausted, hot, sweaty and had little energy. As I was thinking about all the things we needed to accomplish and images and video I wanted to shoot to tell the story of @wattsoflove I felt overwhelmed.

What I didn’t plan today was my encounter with Jose. As I left our base camp this morning to begin a 45 minute mountain trek to the far side of the island, I suddenly ran into Jose walking with his @wattsoflove solar light, backpack, crutches and severely crippled feet.

I stopped and just watched as several children ran past him. I was unsure if I should take his photo. The moment felt so intimate, so personal and I thought that perhaps this was just a moment for me and it was not meant to be recorded.

I walked up to him and we talked for a few moments. He was so thankful and I was so touched. As we parted, I turned and took this photo.

Encountering Jose wasn’t on my “to do list” today but it WAS the the most important moment of my day.

Thank you Jose for giving me what I needed today.