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Today my heart is so content and full of joy. The show at the @columbusmuseum was truly a high-water mark in my photography career.

I got up early today to get to the museum so I could sit and view the exhibit without working, distractions or feeling like I needed to be doing something! It was amazing.

Being all alone and in silence I was finally able to truly enjoy the show personally for the first time.

There are SO MANY people to thank and acknowledge for all their efforts. I have worked on this project for 15 months and the two hours I had all to myself today was life giving.

As I sat there my thought was “We did it! We really pulled it off.” Yes!

Please tag anyone who you know who’s image is in this little slide show. We are woking on a way to show everyone their photos. Please be patient.

Cover photo by @el_fotomat and @shineonyoucraydiamond two fantastic ladies I got to meet this weekend.

Time to get some rest! #mobilephotonow