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One year ago today, I spontaneously flew to be he Phillipines to help those devastated by the worst recorded typhoon in history! #Yolanda.

Although I was totally unsure how I would respond or what I would see, I felt “driven” to go.

While I was there, I would distribute every remaining solar light we had in the @wattsoflove offices. It wasn’t much compared to the enormous need but, it was everything we had on our shelves from our little new non-profit.

To honor all of the amazing people I encountered and worked with, I would like to share some of my thoughts and photos one year later.

The greatest things that stuck me about the Filipino people was that they were very humble yet also very, very proud!

When I asked to take this man’s picture, he insisted on gathering his entire family and to be “seen” as though he was currently rebuilding his devastated home. He insisted on being represented as resilient, strong and taking action.

Although I was very nervous about him grabbing that beam with his family so close, he would NOT be be seen standing still or passive.

I completely admired and understood his intentions!