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“Why would you ever want to photograph me?!” -Anonymous.

I hear this response often and it actually makes me sad.

We are our own worst critics. Our insecurities rise like oil on a hot asphalt street after a cold July rain when we believe we are being evaluated.

As a photographer it’s never my job to judge, it’s my job to record. Yes, it is my perspective on the world and I know that my perspective is filtered through my own life’s experience.

However, after feeling sad when someone says “why would you ever want to photograph me?!” I love meeting the challenge and then showing them the results.

Although not always a ‘beautiful’ or ‘classic’ portrait, I always try and capture a small essence of their truth through my perspective.

After seeing this image he said it was “one of the best pictures” he’d ever seen of himself and smiled.

I hope that truth stays with him for a long time.