Instagram picture

There is more to this image than meets the eye. What you can NOT see is where the true beauty lies.

The other day I had the distinct pleasure of meeting someone at a little coffee shop on this corner.

The coffee was okay, the decor sparse, the music too loud, the table was wobbly and my seat squeaked with each movement.

So, why the picture?

I knew the moment I left this coffee house that I had just spent 3 hours chatting with a new great friend.

Although we had briefly exchanged a few comments on IG, when we met in person it was like seeing an old friend I had know for years.

We shared thoughts about photography @instagram, creativity, life, work our individual journeys etc. It was a great first meeting and a moment I wanted to capture but knew I would be unable to do so.

I have learned that the greatest gift in life is deep personal relationships with others. Without sincere friends you feel lost, isolate and alone.
Every friendship starts with a first meeting and this photo stands as a record of this profound event for me.

If you haven’t spoke to one of your great friends in sometime, let this photo remind you of that first meeting and connect with them ASAP! I know you will be glad you did.

Average coffee house + forgettable photo + first meeting = One Great Memory.