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Let’s talk about a subject that NO one likes to talk about… ENVY!

We all struggle with envy at times and we all deal with it in different ways. I have learned it is way better to acknowledge my envy by embracing it and then allowing it to motivate me rather then denying it. Difficult yes but, is really has it’s benefits.

I am at the @usopenofsurf for a few days. I got up really early today so I could get out and shoot a few surf and beach shots. When I got to the beach their were a least 100 photographers shooting with huge 300mm, 600mm and even 1200mm lenses all over the place!

I know some of this gear can cost as much as a sports car but I will admit, I was really envious!

Man, “I want to rock one of those huge lenses and catch some killer surf shots!” As I grew more and more envious and calculate if I was fast enough to “borrow” one of these huge lenses without the owner knowing as he sipped his morning coffee, I decided to take a more rational, legal and creative choice.

I decide I would use my envy and create with it. I would “use” his 600mm lens in my mobile camera shot, write about my feelings and share my experience.

Man, that felt good to write! I think I just felt a little green envy monster jump off my back. Phewwww!

Anyone else want to share how they used their envy in a positive and creative way?