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Who doesn’t like a great adventure? Everyone does but, few take the risk, or have the courage to take the first step. Plus, most quit when it gets hard.

This is my new friend @joehaggard and he is the MOST courageous person I have yet to meet on @instagram and the #jj community.

When I posted that I wanted to find four individual to shoot video in each of the cities we were visiting during our @fiatusa Open Road Challenge, Joe contacted me right away! This was our conversation.
JOE. I want to travel with you guys on the entire 1600 mile road trip!

KEVIN: I really can’t pay for your expense, hotels, food, gas, etc.

JOE: I know. I want in.

KEVIN: Okay! But, I really can’t pay you a big fee and that is a heck of a long trip!

JOE: I know. I know!! I just want in.

KEVIN: Ahhh, man are you a little unstable or nuts?

JOE: No. I just love adventures and something amazing is happening in this #jj community and I want to document it all!

KEVIN: How long have you been a jjer?

JOE: Only a few weeks.

KEVIN: You sure your not NUTS?

I will be posting several of Joes killer video clips today so everyone can see the amazing adventures we all shared. #fiatorc.

Please stop by @joehaggard feed give him some big time praise!

Plus you will get to see a pretty funny clip of @joshjohnson dancing. Trust me it’s bad!

Thanks Joe for reminding me that with great risk also comes great reward!