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This is my new friend @jessicaabt. Jessica is currently traveling all over the west coast of America with @joshjohnson and I on our #jj community and @fiatusa road trip.

A few days ago I did not know Jess. I can tell Jessica is a very kind, sincere, funny, passionate, talented and overall great lady! She has a zest for life and lives it with her actions, not just words. She constantly CASUALLY mentions, charities, people or children that she helped, mentored, taught or be involved with over the years. She has a heart for giving back and it is very impressive. I like her very much!

Now the bad part. She is not a fan of portraits or selfies so, I forced her to allow me to take a portrait of her today while we were visiting Voodoo Donuts in Portland. YUM!

Although I could type so much more about her, I want to encourage you to check out her work and writing out at @jessicaabt. I know you will instantly see her heart and talent. #followmyfriendJessica #fiatorc.