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As I was thinking about Memorial Day and all of those who have bravely served our country, I thought about my uncle Bill and who was a B-24 pilot over the skies of German in 1945.

The more I thought about my uncle and the courage he had to captain his plane, it suddenly dawned on me that he was slightly older than my nephew Sean (pictured here) during the war.

I can’t image being 18 years old and responsible for the lives of eight crewmen and knowing that each time you flew out on a mission that there was a 55% chance that you would not make it back alive.

Although regrettably my uncle Bill passed away years ago, I thought it was fitting to photograph my father and my nephew holding a replica of the nose art on his plane the DNIF.

DNIF stand for Duty, Not, Involving Flying.

Crew of the DNIF.
Pilot: Lt. William W. Kuster.
Co Pilot: Lt. Felix M. Smith.
Navigator: 2nd Lt Francis G. Paul.
Engineer: Glen L. Pool.
Radio Operator: Angelo J. Pizzo.
Nose Gunner: John M. Burke.
Ball Gunner: Dominic F. Nigro.
Waist Gunner: Leo J. Keehley.
Tail Gunner: Robert C. Kaska.

Thank you uncle Bill and all that served to ensure and protect the freedoms that I enjoy today.

Happy Memorial Day.