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Today I will be attending the Chicago WORLD WIDE INSTAMEET stating at 1:00pm.

In honor of how much this little app called Instagram and my mobile camera has changed my life, I will be going old school and back to my roots. I am dusting off one of my old film cameras and will be shooting with my Pentax 645.

I decided to post this image of the character Sean O’Connel from the movie Walter Mitty because several people have told me recently that I remind them of Sean O’Connell.

Although he has a slightly different hair style than me, I was touched my this assessment. I like the character of Sean O’Connell can get very intense when I take images. I understand his passion and sometimes can get “overly focused” when telling stories with my camera.

I also want to invite all the jjers that follow me to the event to support @igerschicago and @relaxocat. She does such a great job building community.

Here is to passion. Here is to great story telling! Here is to those that have inspired me and most importantly, here is to the moments in life when it is better to sit and observe than let the camera get in the way of the moment.