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To live a creative life you must lose the fear of being told you are doing it the wrong way.

Similarly, when trying to capture memorable portraits you sometimes need to take risks by coaxing your subject into revealing a truly authentic moment.

Taking someone’s portrait is sometimes unnatural and subjects often project false expressions in these moments.

To me, when I shoot portraits, it’s more important to capture what a person “feels like” than capturing what they look like.
This involves the psychology of photography and has nothing to do with shutter speeds, apertures or what kind if camera you use.

I find that the environment you create between each each snap is critical. Really connecting with your subject and getting them to trust you with an authentic expression is the most important element to shooting great portraits. This kind of authentic trust can really only be established before you shooting and in-between clicks of the shutter.

Yes, you need to have a good working knowledge of photography skills, however, don’t forget that the person in front of you camera and what they bring to the image is as equally important.

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