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This is Arkangelo and he has done more to change the world then most!

Arkangelo is a founding member of Lost Boys Rebuilding Southern Sudan organization. He and other like him are changing Southern Sudan one person, one project and one heart at a time.

We were lucky enough to have him in our @watts_of_love office the other day to hear how one of our solar lights help him and a convoy of trucks evade the current conflict, bandits and change one of their vehicles blown out tire in the middle of a humanitarian midnight crossing.

In South Sudan there are no real roads and when they blew out their tire, they had to turn off all of the trucks lights so not attract attention and danger.

When Arkangelo remember he had his Watts of Love solar light, he was able to shine it directly where the workers were digging out the truck and changing the tire. It took 4 long hours to free the vehicle.

The Watts solar light was their only source of illumination in the pitch blackness.

Archangelo’s brother said it is the most useful item he has ever seen or received in his life.

Thank you Arkangelo for you story, bravery and courage.

Light = Safety.