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Today is Palm Sunday and there is much to be thankful.

ALL of the solar lights that we just shipped to Kenya arrived safely. There were a lot of fears that the lights might have gotten stolen durning the process.

As I prepare for my day, I was reminded of the overwhelming joy, sing and dancing we were greeted with every day we entered the school at Kinyago-Dandora.

Despite their every day struggles and hardships to survive, I have never experienced such joy and happiness as I did with these children and teachers in Kinyago-Dandora.

I am sure there will be much singing and dancing as they begin to distribute solar lights to EVERY students. No more studying at night by a dangerous kerosene flame.

I hope @watt_of_love and I get to go back again soon. Keep up the great work Kenya Childrens Fund.

P.S. The video on the lower right shows how much the kids loved rubbing, touching and pulling on my arm hair. It was so funny!