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How cool is this image submitted by @kanellos. Man next time I fly I want to fly like this girl. How about it, who want to take a flight with me on this camera plane? Bravo @kanellos. Tag: #jj_mobilemaster_challenge.

Four winning images will be selected and used to represent our jj community at the Macwold/iWorld conference.

Each winning image and creator will be featured in the 2014 @mobilemasters contest ebook!

And finally, each winner will also be provided a free ticket to attend Macworld/iWorld workshop and conference. A $300+ Value each!

I am honored to be speaking at this years Macwold/iWorld conference, March 27-29, San Francisco, CA and hope to see you there!

There is a direct link in my bio page for more info on the conference.

Thanks to @marcolina and all his hard work on this project!