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As many of you know, Emily @ohemg87 and Emma just experienced a huge life setback and lost almost all of their personal possessions the March 4th, when the apartment above them caught on fire.

Regrettably, as a single mom, Emily is often tasked to make her monthly paycheck go as far as possible and could not afford renter’s insurace. The fire, water and smoke damage was substantial and she lost most of her belongings.

Currently, she and Emma are in temporary housing. They will begin the process of starting all over soon and she will have to create an entirely new home for both herself and Emma.

Emily has touched many people’s lives and is often the first to help others, offer a kind word and is always a great friend to those in need.

Emily is also a person of faith and I know she is trusting that God will somehow provide. Please consider being an answer to that prayer and consider helping with a contribution.

Please click the link in @joshjohnson bio page to donate now.

Mother Teresa famously exclaimed, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated and will help ease her current burden. Together, I know as a community of family, friends, and followers, we can do great things and help our friend in her time of need.

Plus, if we hit our goal amount, I promise to release a few classic “never seen before” videos of our dear @ohemg87 on our #jj road trip this past summer. You will not want to miss seeing these classic Emily moments!

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