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The complexity of poverty, returning home and moving forward.

I returned home late on Saturday and have been trying to recover and process.

Unlike my jet lag, I have learned that my processing of what I have experienced, observed and encountered will never have end. You can’t experience such extreme poverty and not be radically changed. I understand that life is all about imbalance but, seeing how some people are forced to live makes you understand that there is injustice in the world and it is up to US to be the agents of change!

You don’t have to travel to distant counties to help, there is need all around. If active participation isn’t your calling, then please consider donating to a cause you feel passionate about or organization you trust.

If our work at @watts_of_love moved you in any we, would love to have your financial support and assistance in any capacity! Drop us a email and let us know how YOU want to help or go to We need your help and more importantly little hands and feet like these pictured above need your help! You can be the help that radically change their lives forever!

Yes, it’s good to be back home but, whenever I turn on my room light, open the fridge door to see it illuminate my food, or flip the night light on for my son when he goes to sleep, I think about all of the people that still live in complete darkness after the sun goes down.


You=Their Light!