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On my boat trip to Ilin Island I discovered that I could get better data cell reception out in the water and away from the jungle.

However, how would I do this when I wasn’t on a boat or raft?

Since @lifeproof was kind enough to send everyone on our @watts_of_love team new @lifeproof cases this wasn’t a problem!

On several occasions before the sun would set, I would float out into the South China Sea with my iPhone or iPad to edit pictures, write posts and then post on @instagram about the mission.

Let me tell you there is nothing like cooling off in the water after a 90 degree day and working with your iPad knowing it is completely waterproof and safe!
I also shot some great water images and video with my #lifeproof case!

Thought I would post this little photo to show all of you my view as I was working to keep all of you informed about @watts_of_love.

Bottom line…not everyone needs a water proof iphone or iPad however, after using one I’ll never not leave home without one.