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As I sit in the blackness of the morning awaiting my Maasai guide to escort me to our safari jeep, I am keenly aware of the pencil filling in the box that reads “African Safari” on my life experience bucket list.

Although I have been very blessed to experience, see, smell, taste, touch and travel more than most people, I have always had the desire to experience a African Safari.

Today, as we head out into our first animal safari @campiyakanzi, I can’t help and think of the famous photographer and artist Peter Beard that inspired me so much when I was first introduced to photography in my youth.

Peter’s work, images, passions and lifestyle personified and romanticized what it meant to be a photographer in Africa. I can only hope that while I am here, that I might be lucky enough to capture one truly authentic image that Peter himself might approve as acceptable.

I heard it say that once the experience of Africa gets into your blood, you are forever changed.

I have only been here one day and already, I can sense the magic and wonder of the Dark Continent.