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Today we went back to Pier 18, aka “Smokie Mountain Dump Site” to see how some of the people were using their new @watts_of_love solar lights.

We went to a different part of the dump site and this was by far the worst living environment I have ever seen in my life!

It’s an environment completely made up of trash. The People live in trash, people make their homes out of trash, people live off of the trash and there is trash EVERYWHERE you look, mounds and mounds of it.

The smells, smoke and environment were difficult to comprehend and photograph.

It is completely impossible to accurately capture the 360 degree environment of this place. One has to step into it to truly grasp it.

One thing I discovered is that many families use old rusted bed spring as the walls for their homes. When we were in someone’s home visiting, the neighbors young child could stop looking through the walls to watch. Although the light on him is beautiful the reality of the environment he is living in was crushing to me.