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On Monday I will be photographing an 90 couple group wedding on Ilin Island.

Everything has been donated by some great contributors.

Each bride and groom will receive a formal wedding dresses, rings, dress shoes, a traditional barong tagalog and have their state wedding license paid.

Many of these couples have been waiting for years to get married and most can not afford the state marriage license.

Watts_of_love will be providing each newly married couple with their first printed and framed photo of their lives! PLUS each couple will receive a new solar light and backpack as a wedding gift!

Last year I photographed 40 couples that got married. The event was so successful last year and blessed so many that we were able to raise enough money to participate in the event again.

If you would like to help @watts_of_love raise money so we can spread this program and more solar lights to families in such need, please consider going to and donate $40 today to change someone’s life forever!

There is a direct link in my profile above on Instagram.

Thanks you for all your help.