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Today we went to Smokie Mountain area in Manila. It is comprised of thousands of homes and very, very poor families. Most of the homes are built on a old garbage dump. You can still see and smell the gasses rising from the trash and waste buried below, thus they call it Smokie Mountian.

We visited an amazing worker program for women, where they create jewelry, purse, hand bags, lamps, clothes, hats etc, everything is made out of can pull tops tabs! The work was wonderful and the women were so proud to display them.

In this video you can see one of the women hammering the can pull top tabs so it can be used for one of their fantastic creations! Honestly, I can see people paying huge money for their designs in the NY or Paris fashion district. Slap a famous brand name on their work and people would pay top dollar. Seriously!

We will be heading back next week and distributing more solar lights so the women can increase their working hours and hopefully profits.

When we told the women that they can also create micro business charging people to charge their cell phones, they cheered and clapped with joy! It’s been a great day! #WOL #givelight #PhilippinesWOL