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The submissions for our vintage old school cameras meets new school mobile master edits have been amazing so far.

To me one of the best photographers Instagram is @koci. Richard is actually 100% responsible for showing me the potential of mobile photography.

I am so happy to be speaking at this years @macworldexpo and hope to finally meet Richard.

@koci was in last year’s @MobileMasters ebook as well as @italianbrother and @christianjsweet to name a few.

To inspire and motivate you, Mobile Masters is now free and AppAlchemy has been reduced 33 percent! Go to itunes and download your copy today.

In conjunction with that Macworld Mobile Masters Event and Contest our amazing #jj community has been asked to create a editing challenge!

The rules are simple: click on the dropbox link in the bio above and download as many of the images you want to manipulate and edit. You can use one image, combine images, create collages, make Diptics etc. Sky is the limit and the focus is on creativity and visual appeal. Each participant can submit up to five final images.

Four winning images will be selected and used to represent our #jj community at the conference and displayed during my presentation. Each winning image and creator will be featured in the 2014 Mobile Masters Contest ebook. And finally, each winner will also be provided a free ticket to attend Macworld/iWorld workshop and conference. A $300+ Value each!

Tag all final submissions to: #jj_mobilemaster_challenge.

Deadline for submissions is March 8th.