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Every once in a while I have had the great opportunity in my career to photograph someone when they reveal so much of themselves you can actually feel the intimacy while talking the picture.

This man was taking a moment to rest from work when I walked up to him to take his picture.

Without saying a word I motioned to my camera. (1 second)

He nodded. (2 second)

I began taking pictures. (60 seconds)

I stopped.

I put my camera down. (1 second)

We stared at each other. (20 seconds)

Both politely smiled. (3 seconds)

Nodded our heads in agreement. (2 seconds)

We walked away in opposite directions.

Although not a word was spoken, in less then 90 seconds we had shared so much! This man allowed me into his life long enough to tell his story just with his eyes. #WOLHaiyan, #givelights