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Although there are many stories to tell in the past two weeks, I feel the need to share this one particular story as I get ready to leave the Philippines.

During typhoon #Yolanda this women and her smallest seven of thirteen children stayed in this water jar for protection!

Their bamboo hut was completely destroyed and this was the only place for them to hide from the storm and huge crashing bamboo trees. When I told her she was very brave she said…”No! God is good!” Amazing!

I knew at that moment that she would be a @watts_of_light recipient and that God had brought me directly to her.
What I didn’t know was her husband and five biggest children had gone to the church for protection. She and the smallest seven children did not. When I gave her the solar light, she teared up and began thanking God.

Now here is the the amazing part of the story!

Prior to the storm she didn’t attend church. Her husband did attended, she did not.

She said that after the storm, she knew God had saved her and her children from death. She decide that from now on she would always serve God in her “new life!” #WOLhaiyan #givelights.

Today, no matter where you are or what problems you might be facing, there is ALWAYS a reasons to be thankful. Find find the reason in your life to be thankful, focus on it and give thanks. I promise it will change your heart and circumstances.