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At night men burn all kind of leaves, bushes and branches to continue the clean up and to carefully watch the flying embers to ensure they don’t catch another nipa hut on fire. Although this does provide light, the smoke is very thick and heavy.

You can begin to see some of the people that started to gather around when they saw I was taking this man’s picture. Often times when I am taking a picture a HUGE crowd of children and adults gather around me. Many yell “hey Joe” or “Americano!” Once someone yells something at me they all laugh. Often, I then turn my camera on the person that yelled something. They always immediately hide their faces or scamper away embarrassed. If it is getting a good laugh from the crowd, I sometimes also run after the person. The crowd roars with laughter! It is actually really funny at times and I so enjoy the interactions.

The Typoon may have destroyed their homes and washed away their belongings but, their joy still remains. #WOLhaiyan #givelights