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This is Pastor Doodes. I refer to him as “Pastor Dude.” And yes, Pastor Dude ABIDES!

Similar to “The Dude” from the movie Big Lebowski, pastor Doodes is a man of few words. When he does speak, his words are sincere, powerful, eloquent and kind.

Pastor often speaks VERY softly and I think he is self-conscious about his English so, I often miss much of what he is saying. Despite only hearing half of what Pastor says, he is an amazing man to observe. He is so passionate about serving others and caring for those around him. Pastor is always the first to help, last to eat (other need to be fed before him) always carries the largest boxes and is very patient when I am running around delaying the crew while taking pictures.

Perhaps when you lead by example like he does, you don’t need to hear all the words. #WOLhaiyan, #givelights