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Before I left for the Philippines my father purchased 40 pair of reading glasses for me to distribute. He actually even got a manager from Walgreens to discount them when he informed him where they were going.

My father has always been a force when he puts is mind to something. I have learned many, many things from him and I hope to be as good a dad to my son as he was to me. Love you Dad and hope you like the smile in the image!

Even though this woman’s home was destroyed, she looks like she won the lottery after we gave her a simple pair of eyeglasses. She is doing the “Mr. beautiful pose” Everyone laughed!

I always hated my glasses growing up as a kid, however, seeing her reaction made me realize how much I take for granted in life. It was obvious to me that this women who just lost everything has better vision in life then me. #WOLhaiyan, #givelights