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Today we began our mission work on Bantanya Island.

There is so much devastation all around us!

The three doctors with us examined and treated about 250 people. The people were all so thankful and kept thanking us for coming. Their gratitude is overwhelming.

We are working with a local church who’s building was completely destroyed. Lucky there is another church right next to it that is allowing us to use it as a staging and medical area. You can see the tented area to the left where the old church once stood.

Like last time in the Philippines, several of the young children have adopted me and will not leave my side. Seriously, I have about 15 kids that follow me everywhere. They are constantly laughing and giggling out loud when they call out my name…”Uncle Kevin or Americano!” So, cute!

One of the greatest things about these children is that 4 to 5 of them holds one of my fingers on each of my hands every place we go! It makes it really hard to take picture but, I LOVE IT! I #wol #wolhaiyan #wolyolanda #charity #