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On the road to Bantayan island.

I have experienced traffic in so many major cities, New York, London, Rome, Paris, Rio, Czech Republic, Mexico City and Toronto to name a few, however, nothing compares to the driving in Manila and most of the Philippines.

Although it really needs to experienced to understand it, I would best describe it as a classically trained symphony playing hard core punk rock while casually nibbling on Beluga caviar and chugging Strychnine.

When there are only two lanes, (each one in the opposite direction) they drive like there five! When there are four lanes… it’s like a free-for-all!

Cars, motorcycle, trucks, people, water-buffaloes, jeepneys,and side-car motor bikes speed in and out of the narrowest of margins. They truly thread the needle with every pass while politely beeping their horn as they pass. Beep, beep! I guess it akin to tipping your hat to a fellow traveler as you leave them in your dust.

Despite the incredibly aggressive driving patterns, I see no signs of American road rage. They are all moving very fast but, all seem to play well together at high speeds and with lightning quick moves.

I guess like any fine tuned instrument the more you play it the better the sound. Beep, beep!

#WOLhaiyan, #givelights.