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Stuck in Guam.

After waiting 5 hours in a dismal terminal, I got bumped from my flight to Manila. The next flight on my airlines was at least 24 hrs later and no seats left.

In all my years of production I have learned that you never give up and a problem is only an opportunity waiting to be discovered.

I contacted a Filipino travel agent and got the last flight out on a different airlines in 8 hours.

Here’s where it might get bad for some…I Took a taxi to a plush vacation resort to grab something to eat, connect to free wifi then “borrowed” a pool towel and took a quick dip in this little fountain of youth. Dried my clothes in a turbo powered bathroom hand dryer and now back to the airport.

I owe you big time Outrigger Resort!

Refreshed, recharged and ready to get to the Philippines. #WOLhaiyan, #givelights