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Tomorrow I leave for the Philippines to help with the Typhoon disaster relief program and to distribute lights from @watts_of_love.

Although none of my plans are 100% confirmed, I am going and trusting that a path will be made for this trip.

One thing I do know is that I always travel with the same items when traveling overseas. This is my Kevin Kuster “must-have” items when on a production or traveling.

1. Passport.
2. Back up ID passport. You never know!
3 iPhone.
4. Back up power for iPhone.
5. Printed picture of my son as a baby.
6. Record on immunization shots.
7. Watch for times I have no cell reception.
8.Grandfather’s rosary. The beads are so worn from his fingers that I can almost feel his presence.
9. Ear plugs to drown out screaming children (or adults) on 29 hours flight.
10. Sleeping pills so I am rested when I arrive and ready to roll.
11. Lenses for iPhone for some unique travel shots.

Thank you to EVERYONE that donated to our cause. Without you we would not be able to help the people in need! None of my travel expenses are being purchased with donated funds. Thank you Andy and Suzi for helping me with this trip! You are the best friends I could ever ask for in life!

I hope you will continue following me an @watts_of_love with our journey. #WOLhaiyan #wattsoflove #givelights