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I need your help!
As many of you know I am working with the non-profit @watts_of_love. We distributed 1000 solar LED lights to Ilin Island last February to the poorest of the poor and the effects were life changing. Ilin Island has never had any electricity, running water or medical assistance. The 35,000 islanders have been all but forgotten and struggle to survive every day.
We just received word that much of the Ilin island and its neighboring islands have been crushed by typhoon #hayian and #yolanda. Although we don’t have all details yet, we do know that almost every bamboo hut on Ilin has been completely destroyed! Thousands of families are completely without shelter and most are trying to take refuge in a local church.
It is our goal to provide 10,000 solar LED lights to devastated families in three locations (Ilin, Seminara and Ambulong Islands – Occidental Mindoro, Philippines) . These lights provide safety, the ability charge to cell phones and radios for emergency communication, and most importantly to continue rebuilding their homes and community after the sun goes down.
Please consider donating $40 to fund a disaster relief solar light and power kit today. This is a huge goal, but I believe our #jj community can help initiate the BIGGEST charity giving program on @instagram ever!
Click on the link in @joshjohnson bio above to donate now or go to
Please consider reposting this image and all of info on ANY of your social media channels to help Watts of Love spread the word.
Thank you.