I love this image SO much. When you give to others you receive so much more back in return. It is such a simple and proud universal truth and this picture completely shows this truth in action.

Look at their faces as they are seeing a bride and groom see their first printed photograph ever! WOW, it give me goose bumps and puts tears in my eyes.

John and Nancy Economou Co-Founders Watts of Love and Zineth Chua partner, assistant extraordinaire, interpreter, Milan tour guide, and most importantly new family friend.

Zineth actually was also a huge help in forcing me to alway be drinking water! It was so hot on the day of the wedding and I was sweating so much. (Sorry it the truth). I can tell Zineth is a great mom and wife. She truly cares for everyone she comes in contact. Thank you Ken and Zenith for all your support and help. It was an honor to meet you both.